New York 

Firearm Safety Course

Cost: $99


Course Length: 4 Hours


Course Overview: The State of New York has passed laws that allow civilians to obtain a license to carry a pistol. In order to obtain a license to carry a pistol, most counties within the State of New York require a firearms safety course to be attended and successfully completed prior to the issuance of a pistol permit. This course covers the types of firearms, their parts and operation, firearms safety, storage, New York laws regarding firearms and their possession and use, and licensing requirements. Upon successful completion of this course, the applicant will receive a course completion certificate certifying their attendance.


New York is a may-issue state, meaning authorities are not bound by law to issue a license to carry a pistol even to qualified applicants. Permits are issued at the discretion of the issuing officer in each county. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a justifiable need for a pistol permit (such as for hunting, target shooting, employment or self-defense). A background check is required, and it's findings will determine the applicants eligibility. This course will certify you to meet the safety course requirements of most counties in New York. (some Counties have their own firearms safety course performed by County personnel that must be taken.) 


We will teach you the basics of firearms safety:

* Pistol Parts And Operation

* Ammunition

* Using A Pistol Safely

* Cleaning, Storing and Transporting a Pistol

* Shooting Fundamentals

* Shooting Positions

* Shooting Skills under Stress

* Marksman Skills and much more


Please call for details regarding your particular county's requirements.


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