NTSI 6 hr Defensive Driving Course

Course Overview: The NTSI Traffic Survival Workshop (Level 1) contains the most current information on defensive driving, traffic laws, collision avoidance, and the affects of alcohol and drugs on drivers. NTSI is a DMV-licensed traffic violator school that fulfills the 6 hour traffic school requirement.


The Traffic Survival Workshop Level I is designed for the individual who:


  • Wants to reduce the number of points on their license

  • Wants to receive a discount on their insurance

  • Needs to take the class as required by an employer

  • Needs to satisfy a court order

  • Wishes to increase their driving knowledge


Information On New York Point and Insurance Reduction BENEFITS:


  • Completion of the course makes you eligible for a 10% reduction in the base rate of your Liability & Collision insurance.

  • Depending on your insurance company, the discount will be given on the date of course completion, regardless of when the insurance company receives the certificate. Course must be completed every 3 years to maintain your insurance discount. Please call your insurance provider for more information.

  • Completion of the course can reduce up to 4 points from your NY Driving Record. Note: Points do not get removed from your record, the course REDUCES points.

  • Completion of the course is good for points received 18 months before the course. Students must wait 18 months after course completion before it can be taken again for point reduction. If they take it within that 18 months points will not be reduced by the DMV.


Students that want to know how many points they have on their driving record can:


  • Go to their local DMV and request an abstract.

  • Ask their insurance company


OUT OF STATE DRIVERS: A driver with a license from another State that gets a ticket in NY must take the class in NY unless they get permission from the judge or DMV to take it in their own State.

NTSI 6 hour Defensive Driving Course

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