Private Pistol Lessons  

Whether you are new to shooting or pistols, want a professional eye to evaluate your fundamentals, or intent on becoming the most proficient shooter you can be, we can provide the training you need. All our private pistol lessons are conducted by Federal & State Police Instructors, NRA or USCCA Training Counselors & NRA or USCCA Certified Firearm Instructors.*

* Please note our private lessons are not NRA or USCCA designated courses.


We specialize in:


  • Introduction of handguns to the novice shooter

  • Handgun and range safety rules

  • Proper stance and grip

  • Building up confidence

  • Consistent shot placement

  • Rapid target acquisition skills

  • Rapid shooting skills

  • Personal defense against multiple assailants

  • Off-hand/weak hand shooting skills

  • Solving those trouble areas that cause your shooting to be less than you desire

  • Drawing from the holster

  • Helping you evaluate the proper handgun for your needs

  • Helping you evaluate the proper holster or concealment garment for your needs

  • Cleaning, storage and maintenance tips

  • And much more...

Location: Range time is available at a variety of ranges, both public and private, throughout the country. 

Lesson Topics: In accordance with the students needs and desires. A personalized lesson plan custom tailored to your specific needs or goals will be developed to help you reach your potential.

Lesson Rate: $75 per hour with a two hour minimum per student. Discounted lesson packages are available. Students are responsible for any range fees, and for providing the pistol (rentals are available) and factory ammunition (no reloads). 


Give us a call so we can help you get to where you want to be!

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